The Great Gatsby Monday, 3/14/16

Journal Prompts for The Great Gatsby
Monday, 3/14/16
Is our mascot a good symbol for our school? Why/why not? What are some other symbols
of schools & business that you can think of? How do these symbols work?
Tuesday, 3/15/16
Think about your prompt from last week regarding the American Dream. If money was
not an issue in achieving your “American Dream,” what effect would wealth have upon
the dreams your wrote about last week?
Wednesday, 3/16/16
No Class – SBA testing
Thursday, 3/17/16
How do you feel about the characters you have met so far in The Great Gatsby? Do any
of the characters remind you of anybody you know? How have the female characters
been portrayed so far?
Friday, 3/18/16
Literature often reflects the time period in which it was created. What have you already
learned about the period in which The Great Gatsby was written?