CS361 Winter 2013 StateChart Quiz Name: _____________________________________ ONID ID: ___________________________________

Name: _____________________________________
ONID ID: ___________________________________
CS361 Winter 2013 StateChart Quiz
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CS361 Winter 2013 Requirements Quiz
You are designing a mobile app to record a user’s weight through a wifi-enabled scale.
We assume that the scale’s been configured to work with the user’s phone. The system
behaves as follows.
On the main screen:
 There is a static graph of your weight over the past 2 months
 There is one button that brings you to a screen to measure your weight
On the weighing screen:
 The app gets a WiFi signal automatically from the scale and displays the weight
 There is also a back button that brings you back to the main screen
Draw a statechart for the behavior of this app.