Instructions on how to enter an IBC Termination Request in iRIS.
1. Go to
2. Study Assistant > My Studies > Display my Studies by: ( IBC Number
3. Click to open Notepad with pencil icon with IBC Number
4. IBC FORMS Click IBC Termination Request . 5. ⃝ + Add a New Form
6. 1.0 Respond to items (Title: Principal Investigator, Lab Phone/Room, email). Save and Continue.
7. 2.0 I request termination of my IBC protocol Terminate Protocol. Open and complete Checklist for Moving or Terminating Lab Operations form if leaving TTUHSC. Save and Continue
8. 3.0 3.1 Will you be retaining your laboratory? ʘ Yes or ʘ No Save and Continue
9. 4.0 If Yes was checked in 3.1, add or delete lab personnel. If No was checked, Request disposal of agents, or indicate chemical disposition and/or biological disposal in Click here to access the test editor. Save and Continue.
10. Signoff and Submit ʘ Approve. Enter login info. Save Signoff. That's it!
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