Sof more than just social activities. It is a com

of more than just social activities. It is a complete experience that cultivates the connection
between classroom learning and practical living.
Through various extracurricular events, students
can leave the college with the assurance that they
have received a balanced education: academically,
spiritually and socially, and that they have friends,
mentors and relationships that will be the basis for
support throughout their entire life and ministry.
Under the direction of our outstanding Dean
of Students and Campus Pastor Jason Gallion and
experienced things that have permanently changed my life.
seeing how my generation prays for people in the altar after
stay up all night with a friend to help push them past their
perience both exciting and educational. Throughout
the year they coordinate the student leadership of
about their calling leave in complete confidence of who they
spiritual activities that help promote fellowship and
unity in our student body.
Chase Noel, IBC Senior of extraordinary. Chapel services, student body prayer and
experiences in the classroom all have contributed in cultivat-
One such event is Reality, a week dedicated
to intense evangelism training for the Indiana
two students knocked on the door of a man who
asked them to pray for his foot. The two students
healed. God began to do work on his heart, and
he shared that he had once attended a Pentecostal
years before. The students invited him to church
where he was refilled with the Holy Ghost. God
turned his life around and now several years later
he is the outreach director at his local assembly.
classroom but rather life becomes an extension of
the learning experience. Training can happen at
any moment, in any circumstance. A lunch discussion with a faculty member, a deep move during
student prayer, a powerful chapel service, or a
casual conversation in the student lobby all provide
become the ministers God has called them to be.
If you or someone you know is
Chris Knight, IBC Senior - A lot of things today are given the
rienced many things that impact me for a moment, but even-
ibc perspectives -
vol. 23 no. 8
to be in a place of like-minded people, people of like faith.
has given me the opportunity to be used in many different
avenues of ministry, such as taking the Gospel message to
the streets during Reality, preaching chapel services, and
of God, I have found myself doing things that I had never
thought that I could do, or would do. I am so glad that I
Brittany Gibson, IBC Senior es us to develop our ministry and personal devotion outside
and has challenged me and my walk with God in ways I never
would have thought possible. Powerful and anointed student
body prayer meetings unite us in such an awesome way.
outreach opportunities. I know I have been forever changed.
It was in those moments that God deepened my burden for
souls and it was in those moments I learned to let myself be