Independence Blue Cross Requiring Referral

Independence Blue Cross Requiring Referral
IBC has recently published a Physical Medicine medical policy to their website The title is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services 10.03.01a.
One of the coverage guidelines in this policy is a physician referral/ prescription
requirement for rehab services. Many of you, during your benefit check for IBC patients,
have been asking if referral is required and have been told that it is not. If view of this
written policy, providers may want to ask additional questions to clarify the referral
requirement as it applies to the IBC insurance product that covers your patient member.
Also, a thorough read of the entire policy is recommended for all IBC providers.
The PPTA Insurance Relations Committee and the Reimbursement Specialist will be
contacting IBC about this policy and will keep you updated on negotiations with IBC.
Posted 11/19/07