Grade Level Content Area Title of Lesson Learning Goal

Grade Level
9th grade
Content Area
Title of Lesson
Different types of bonds.
Learning Goal
By the end of this lesson the students should be able to
Technology Standards
I am integrating the second and third NETS-S standards in my lesson
plan. By using the itunes app and the ipads I am designing and
developing digital age learning experiences, and I am modeling digital
age work and learning by having them type their work on the ipad and
turn it in via email.
Mobile Apps Integrated
itunesU-Principles of Chemical Science (lecture one)
The beginning of class will be a lecture for approximately 30 minutes,
introducing the concept of different chemical bonds.
Lesson Outline
A ten minute youtube video will create a visual component to the
lesson, helping to solidify the concept.
The itunesU lecture will provide another viewpoint. The students will
listen to the podcast by themselves, take notes on the ipad, and turn in the
work via email.