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Week 2 Discussion

Question I answers
Select any two of the following three bullet points for your initial post.
Discuss specific ways information technology can benefit as well as negatively
impact the business with respect to hardware, software, and trained staff.
From your own experience or a business setting of which you are aware, provide
an example of a situation that demonstrates the importance of information
technology in the efficient delivery of a product or service.
Respond to the assigned questions using the lessons and vocabulary found in the
Support your answers with examples and research and cite your research using
the APA format.
Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the
week as possible.
H & R Block can benefit from informational technology software positively input client
information into the system to process it to send to the Internal Revenue Service. The E file allow business to send the client information for rapid refund. This serv ice all the
client to get their income tax refund back early instead of mailing it. H & R Block
advantage of using their software will help keep the business organize. The advantage
of company using a printer they can print copies for the client and the bu siness. The
company can also save the document for later use. H & R Block also used computer to
input client information in their database to process it to I.R.S. Another device that used
is a fax when they need to fax information over to another business. The disadvantage of
H & R Block software can run slow or the system can shut down. The computer can get
a virus causing the computer to have an error. The printer or copier can run out of ink
causing the employees to have to go and purchase more ink. A disadvantage of the
computer isn’t compatibility with the software. The advantage of trained staff being able
to operate a computer and printer. Having trained staff they can train other employees.
The disadvantage of trained staff they don’t know how to trouble shoot the computer or
Insurance company have computers to input client information to get quotes to best fit
the client budget. The software is Insurance Management Software for insurance and
business owner can used the best one that is compatibility to their computer. An
advantage of having a software to see if the client is approval for life, auto, health or
commercial coverage. Having insurance software can as help business look up clients
claims. Insurance software and benefit the clients where they can get discounts or
insurance card mail to client. The advantage the company can be organize and help
business be run smoothly The software can sometimes run slow or have a glitch. The
disadvantage of the software the prices can be too high for business owner. This can
cause a business to go out of business if they can’t afford to get a reasonable Insurance
Management Software. Trained staff can understand the software will help business to
be run smooth as well.
iPad can be an advantage for business that have mobile service such as a Loan Signing
Agent they can keep up with appointment. Make call to schedule appointment for clients.
You can also use the iPad as a reminder for appointment. The advantage of an iPad you
can carry it around with you and used it where Wi-Fi is available when meet clients. You
can make transactions over your iPad if you have an app or credit card device You can
also use a portable print to print from the iPad if its compatibi lity to the iPad. You can
print direct to the printer from a phone or iPad. The disadvantage of an iPad you must
purchase a portable charger to pack around. Also the portable charge can die on you
while traveling or working.
Phone are information technology in today society you can put reminders from
appointments with clients. Set an alarm to be some where you need to be. You can’t also
screen shot document and email to yourself or clients. You can send invoice to you client
from your phone or iPad or to your email. The disadvantage of using a phone the size of
the document can’t be sent due to size. Using phone for employment can be cost. Phone
can also be a disruption for business owner and employees. Employees using their
phone from personal used while on the clock. Using your phone while driving can be
danger while talking to your clients.
Mobility increase as increase my ability to go client house. A client needs some paper
notary. The client calls me, and I was able to get to the client house using th e GPS on
my phone. When a client needs service I can take my notary seal with me anywhere I go.
Having a portable printer I can send document to my printer while travel either direct or
through email to print. I have used this when doing income tax I can p rint out the
documents right there at the client location. I also have a signature tablet where clients
can sign a contract agreement for services without having to use paper. Having this
device has help me send document to clients email once the document is signed. The
disadvantages of using mobile phone or mobile printer the battery run low while with a
client. I didn’t have a backup to charge the phone, so I had to stop and buy a charger.
Being able of having mobility is costly it helps you to travel and to get more clients. It
also helps with being able to have software to run a smooth transaction without any
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