Office of Research Services


Office of Research Services

2500 University Drive NW

Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4

April 10, 2020

<<Lead Signing Official>>

<<Lead address>>

<<Lead address>>

<<Lead address>>

Re: NIH Grant Title: _____________

Principal Investigator at <<LEAD>>: ___________

Lead Investigator at The University of Calgary: _________

Dear <<Institutional Official>>,

This serves as a Letter of Intent that The Governors of the University of Calgary (DUNS # 207663915) is willing to collaborate in the above captioned National Institutes of Health grant being submitted by <<Lead>>,


The initial-year proposed budget for The University of Calgary is <<$>>, including 8% F&A rate, as per the NIH policy for Foreign Institutions. The total proposed <<# years>> year budget for the University of Calgary is


If the grant is awarded, The Governors of the University of Calgary will enter into a subcontract with

<<Lead>>. The appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel of The University of Calgary and

<<Lead>> are aware of NIH policy and are willing to enter into an agreement consistent with that policy and in support of this project.

Authorized Institutional Official

Lorna Very, Director

Grants, Awards and Ethics

University of Calgary

2500 University Drive, NW

Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

403-220-4121 (phone)

403-289-0693 (fax)