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A Position Paper
Navarro, Chrisanta M.
Magnificence is subjective depending on each person's preferences. It is a
similarity which speaks to that a craftsmanship will dependably be characterized in the
understanding of its onlookers.
Art. Three letters be that as it may, it can make the world flip around with its
endless standards. We as people have confinements and inadequacies. Being
defective, we will in general beat around the hedge; we finish up promptly with our
feelings and react to our own standards. Art is something that is within us. To show a
branch of art in an open society thing is an open containing different people with
assorted points of view is to subject that specific thing is an open contentions and
investigation. As for support, I might want to dispense that everything is worth sharing
and showing when it comes to art. It is the by-product of emotions and creative energy
and there's no confinement to what a human can envision and feel. The qualities of the
Festival would incorporate the student's creativity. This event would be an instrument in
the development of strong art programs of its popularity over the years. The open doors
would incorporate making a protected space to draw in networks in the festival of
human expressions just as different sexualities.
On the other hand, there might be any weaknesses of the event, for these are
fairly obvious. Without the proper planning and organizing of the event, it would have a
very catastrophic outcome. In this case, due to the time constraint, it will likely fall under
weaknesses. The festival is taking place during the student's normal classes. If given
the right amount of time to prepare, the organizers could coordinate our show times with
other planners in order for us not to step on anyone's toes (and also suffer in
attendance of the classes). Be that as it may, on the off chance that we had enough
time, we could even work together and cross advance alternate occasions nearly our