廖昱媛 Cathy
Topic:How to use a bread machine
Today I want to learn how to use a bread machine and to make very delicious
bread. I think I will prepare some ingredients. There are my steps as follows:
First, we must study rules about bread machine how to use easily. Get to know
your machine. Take some time to check it. Second, if we all finish to know it and I
guess we can do next step. There are a few basic ingredients you need to make bread
in a bread machine. They are yeast, flour, salt, sugar, pure water, fats...etc. However,
we need to add the ingredients in the right order. Third, we put it into the machine.
After we select the cycle to let bread is best. Then we can walk away until when the
yummy bread have baked.
I think we can try it and don't afraid to make it. As soon as possible you can. Try
you best. Maybe you will find incredible things when you do it.