A Study for the relationship of impact of Tourism Abstract

A Study for the relationship of impact of
culture-The effect of Culture and Heritage
Ron-Shine Lai, Master
“Culture” is a field tremendously. Numerous things be included in. Thinking of concept, way of
life, festival of custom and so on. Especially about thinking and concept, culture just as a production be
constructed from this, but must be general. If thinking and activity could be a culture, commonly or
generally is a key stone for thinking and concept, and activity to be a culture. In the other way, culture
includes two parts, basically, concrete and abstract, or tangible and intangible. It’s easy to show up also
easy to touch. Message spread would turn an affect out to culture because of touch of mind.
“Tourism” will bring the people outside into a community to meet the resident. Mean that two
kinds of cultures, even more, meet each other. The mind and activity will be change from the meeting.
Tourism also present a potential for economic, an probably good business, cause of the need and
support for the activity. In the moment, the way of local economic activity would be affect by the
appearing of tourism.
Key words: Culture, Tourism, Economic, Impact