A Study for the effect of Heritage Tourism Abstract Ron-Shine Lai

A Study for the effect of Heritage Tourism
Ron-Shine Lai
“Heritage Tourism”, an attraction from heritage result a movement for some kinds of people.
Tourism would be happened, the tourist meet the resident. They live in different area with different
environment, such as the weather, and landscape, and figure out different culture. Therefore, tourism
made a gathering and meeting for two kinds of cultures even more. Following the definition of the
word “Tourism”, entertainment would be needed. Equipment and facilities would be prepare for, of
cause the foods and rooms. So that, the material will be needed, in order to build and product to support.
In the same time, the impact also be presented. Cause of tourism, the landscape even the townscape
changing, the business going even there will take original industry or business up and extent new
economic activity against.
Key words: Heritage Tourism, Economic, Environment