Don’t always trust friends

英語一丙 4a0c0106 黃俐雯
Don’t always trust friends
I have learned a lesson “Don’t always trust friends.” I am a friendly and sincere
person. It is important for me to get along with friends. Recently, I was really
disappointed about what my friend has done.
My friend is a salesman now and likes to sell commodities to everyone. However,
she made a big mistake. In order to promote her commodities, she used her ways to
cheat other friends. At first, she asked my friend to go out for dinner. Then, she took a
menu for my friends. She did not say much but forced my friend to buy. When I knew
this, I was very angry about her behavior. I asked her to return all money my friend
paid. Finally, she only retuned half of the money.
Through this experience, I can not always trust friends. Now, I think we can have
many friends, but we need to be careful with friends.