McMullen Essay #2--Strong Response Essay Option one:

Essay #2--Strong Response Essay
Option one:
In “Against School,” John Taylor Gatto argues that we should get rid of compulsory
schooling. His proposed solution is to let students “manage themselves.” Take a stand
where you agree or disagree with Gatto's argument and provide reasons and evidence for
your stance.
Option two:
According to Heath and Potter, “early adopters” drive mass consumer culture by seeking
out the distinction of “underground” or exclusive commodities until those commodities
become too mainstream and then seek new commodities to “preserve their distinction.”
Is their picture of American consumer culture accurate and complete? What have they
overlooked? What data, if any, did they misinterpret?
Length: four pages
Time line:
1st Draft due October 12th
2nd Draft due October 14th
Final Draft due October 19th
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