(A: A: Can you do me a favor ? B: Sure. What’s

Unit 2 (A:育菁 B:佩玲)
A: Can you do me a favor ?
B: Sure. What’s up?
A:Please help me take the book to Mary?
B:Okay! What does she look like?
A:She is tall and has short hair.
B:Anything else?
A:She has a round face.
B:Ok! I see.
Unit 3 (A:佩玲 B:育菁)
A : Hey ! Long time no see. How’s it going in your college?
B : Fantastic ! I join guitar club. How about you?
A : Not good. I almost always need to clean the school.
B :Sounds bad ! You should take a rest in your free time.
A :You are right ! So I usually sleep late on weekends.
B :Maybe we can hang out with our classmates sometimes.
A :Good idea! How about this weekend?
B :Okay ! It’s a deal.
Unit 4(A:育菁 B:佩玲)
A:Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Jane.
B: Nice to meet you, too. My name is Penny. Come in
A:Excuse me! Where is Bed number 4?
B:It’s next to the windows.
A:Okay! Thank you! And where’s my closet?
B:It’s in front of the bathroom.
A:Oh!Thank you very much. You are my hero!
B: You are welcome.
Unit 5(A:佩玲 B:育菁)
A:Excuse me, is there a hospital near here?
B:Yes, there’s one across from the park.
A:Where is it?
B:You go straight down this street, Main street, and the
hospital is on your right.
A:Oh, it’s easy to get to.
B:That’s right. You just need to go for two blocks.
A:Great. Thank you very much.
B: You're welcome.