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PTM – Discussion Points
March 04, 2019
1. Reading: Uneasiness –> Base is not seemed to be strong.
2. Writing is okay but not the best.
3. Previous school (nursery class): Very bad/ disappointing period. Problems due to Teacher’s
unavailability for most of the time. This thing hampered the overall base and foundation.
4. Urdu – Science – English – Math: Not a very satisfactory results – not fully well versed in all
these subjects. This is alarming.
5. Homework assignments given are either hard level or unevenly programmed.
6. Methodology of teaching needs to be looked at on top priority level.
7. LEARNING – not up to the mark.
8. Music class ambience is not good. Students want to utilize the instruments but there seems to
be something not okay. Needs to be settled.
9. There is SOMETHING that is surely not going okay. Must be find out! We are worried.