Anne Frank – Anticipation Guide Discussion Rules

Anne Frank – Anticipation Guide
Discussion Rules
1. Everyone must comment at least once.
2. Only one person may speak at a time. You will
lose points if you fail to follow this rule! 
3. Everyone must listen respectfully to all
comments and be engaged in the discussion.
4. You will use Agree/Disagree index cards to give
your opinion of each statement and as we
discuss you may change your opinion
Remember: There are no right or wrong answers;
just be able to explain your reasoning.
1. It’s okay to tease people because of the way
they look, the clothes they wear, etc.
2. Calling people names isn’t dangerous
because no one gets physically hurt.
3. People belonging to different religions
shouldn’t associate with one another.
4. Human nature is essentially good.
5. When a person is aware of an unjust act, it is
their duty to intervene.
6. Witnessing a misdeed and not doing anything
about it is okay because you weren’t directly
involved with the crime.
7. It is a person’s duty to support their country
and its leaders regardless of personal opinion.
8. War is okay when its purpose is to get rid of
those who are worsening the world.
9. Something like the Holocaust couldn’t
happen in our world today because we are
much too civilized to allow something that
horrible to happen.
10. The United States shouldn’t interfere with
other countries and their problems; the US
should simply worry about its own issues.