Unit 2 A: B: B: Yes,

Unit 2
A: Hey! John. Can you help me?
B: Sure. What can I do?
A: Please take this book to Amy.
B: No, problem. But...Who is Amy?
A: She has blond curly hair and blue eyes.
B: Is she tall and has round face?
A: Yes, she is tall, but her face is not round.
B: Ok, I got it.
Unit 3
A: How have you been in your college?
B: So so. But sometimes I sleep late.
A: Well. Did you join any school club?
B: Yes, I join the guitar club.
A: Wow, sounds good.
B: Yeah, I love music.
A: What are you gonna do after school? Play basketball?
B: Of course, and I love NBA!
Unit 4
A: Hi, I'm your roommate. Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you, too. There is your bed and closet.
A: Thanks. Do you feel a little crowed?
B: Yes, A bit. Maybe we can re-arrange the furniture.
A: Okay, We put the closet in the corner.
B: No problem. And we can put our beds next to the closet.
A: Well, looks better.
B: Yes, it's wonderful.
Unit 5
A: Excuse me.
B: Yes, May I help you?
A: Where is the park?
B: Go straight down MAIN STREET and then turn left on SECOND
A: Do you mean go straight down this street until I see the hospital, then
turn left?
B: Yes, it's across from the hospital.
A: Thanks. Have nice day.
B: Okay, bye.