Unit 2 A: Could you do me a favor?

Unit 2
A: Could you do me a favor?
B: Sure! What can I do for you?
A: I lent my English book to John. Can you bring it back for me?
B: Okay, What does he look like?
A: He is tall , wearing glasses and has a nice smile.
B: Anything else?
A: Also. He wears striped T-shirt today.
B: Ok! I think I can find him.
Unit 3
A: How’s your college life?
B: Not too bad, but I’m so busy and tired.
A: Why?
B: Because I have many projects . Look! This is my schedule.
A: Oh! Your plate is really full.
B:Yeah! I met some good teachers . They help me a lot ,
A: Sounds like you have an abundant college life.
B: Yap and I really enjoy my college life.
Unit 4
A: Hi! My name is Kimi ,I am your new roommate, nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you too.
Do you have any problems, I can help you. 
A: Oh! Thank you . Where is my bed and closet.
B: This is yours . You can put your package on your seat first.
A: Oh~ I see. Does we have refrigerator in our dorm?
B: Sure . Go outside and turn left , you will find it.
A: Last problem . I am so hungry . Would you go to dinner with me?
B: Sure . Let’s go~~
Unit 5
A: 95 ,100.
B: Ok~ (After I min) This is your cash. Thank you.
A: Excuse me ! Where is the library?
B: Go straight on MAIN Street.
A: OK. Go straight on MAIN Street
B:You will see a hair salon on the corner, turn left.
A: Just turn left?
B: And go straight on DAVIS Street for one block, then turn right, you’ll see it.
A: Okay! I see, Thank you very much ~