LS 5 Discussion Culture and Language! Language:

LS 5 Discussion
Culture and Language!
What is the history of your language?
Gender and Language – differences between male/female language/speech?
Non-verbal communication – body language? EX: How do you know if someone is
confused, happy, angry, sad…etc.?
Culture: (Remember – it doesn’t have to be your own!! It can be a different culture!)
Can you describe traditional clothing in a culture?
Food: Can you talk about the history of a dish and where it comes from, what is in it, when
do you eat it?
What are some annual events/celebrations in a particular culture? – E.g. In the US:
Halloween, Christmas, New Years?
History of a country (can be any country, not just your own)
What are some cultural superstitions? (Bad luck/good luck?) E.g. Walking under a ladder
brings 7 years bad luck.
Different cultural traditions: birth, marriage, death?
-Music and dance – How is a culture expressed in music and dance? What is the history of
traditional music and dance?