GOLD Survey Amy Kramer Jon Goldsmith

GOLD Survey
Amy Kramer
Jon Goldsmith
5,118 alumni
Graduates with BS and BS/MS
May 2006 – Dec 2015
718 completed responses (14%)
• Understand the value/reputation of the College's
• Influence decisions about the College's programs,
facilities, and engagement with alumni
• Reconnect
– Share results with Respondents via email and at a GOLD
happy hour
Are you currently employed?
Employment Data
• Higher employment rates among earlier graduates
• Higher employment rates among males than females
State of Employment
Themes of Verbatim Responses
• Desire for more connection to the College and
engagement with current students
– Perception the College only wants $$
• Facilities need to be improved
• Strengths were also weaknesses
– Engaged faculty
– Hands-on experiences
– Connection to industry
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