First Semester is Coming to a Close!

First Semester is Coming to a Close!
Dear Parents and Students,
This is just a reminder that our first semester grades will close on
Friday, December 13th. That will be the last day in your math class to
turn anything in for our first report card. As we mentioned at
conferences, the last grade reporting period counted as a progress
report. Semester grades will be an average of both Quarter 1 and
Quarter 2 grades.
If there is a grade printout sheet attached to this letter, we have
highlighted any missing assignments (or low test scores that should be
corrected and returned for a higher grade of 70%) in Quarter 2 to make
you aware. Please sign and return this letter where we have stamped it
to acknowledge that you have seen this printout. If you do not have a
copy of these missing assignments, you may ask us for a new copy up to
December 12th. Quarter 1 missing assignments may no longer be made
up. If there is no grade printout sheet attached to this letter,
congratulations! You have no make-ups or missing assignments to
complete this quarter and you do not need to get this letter signed.
Please remember to check on a regular basis.
Mrs. Nechaev/Mrs. Rench
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