Baby Interview

Baby Interview
Interview your mom, or a mother figure in your life, regarding her experiences with pregnancy
and birth. Please feel free to change the questions to meet your special birth needs. Have fun…
1.What was my height ______________________
weight _______________________
Time of Birth _______________________
2. How long were you in labor? Was it a vaginal birth or C-section? Any complications?
3. Was Dad I n the delivery room? If no, why not… If yes, how did he handle it?
4. How did you react when you first saw me? (cry? Scream?)
5. Tell me something interesting about my birth or your pregnancy with me.
6. Did you crave certain foods?
7. How did you decide on my name? Did you have any other names in mind? If so, what?
8. During your pregnancy did you think you were going to have a boy or a girl or no clue?
9. What kind of baby was I? Fussy, easy, slept through the night??