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Study Guide for Chapter 8

Study Guide for Chapter 8
1. Adaptations to Pregnancy
2. Prenatal Care
3. Patient Teaching: Exercise, Posture and Body Mechanics
4. Patient Teaching: Safety in Pregnancy
5. Doulas
6. Supine Hypotension
7. Emergency treatment of supine hypotension
8. Family Dynamics: Maternal and Paternal Adaptation
9. Sibling and Grandparent Adaptation
10.Cultural Influences
11.Diagnosis of Pregnancy
12.How to use Naegele’s Rule and Estimating Date of Birth
13.Lab Tests used in the Prenatal Period
14.Birthing Plan
15.Adolescent Pregnancy
16.Advance Maternal Age and Pregnancy
17.Infection: HIV Screening
18.Pain: Conscious Relaxation tips
19.Discomforts Related to Pregnancy