Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop
It’s a competitive market out there - how can you distinguish yourself from the rest of the
candidates? To maximize your opportunities, you need a dynamic resume and a creative
cover letter showcasing your achievements and potential. We’ll teach you the basics of
preparing an effective resume with a focus on presenting your strengths, skills and
accomplishments through a strategic marketing approach. Find out what employers look
for and discover the techniques that will land you that coveted interview!
Interviewing Workshop
Overcome by nerves – not sure what to say. You’re not alone! Come and explore the
most current interview techniques used by employers. With a focus on Behaviour Based
Interviewing, we’ll help you identify your key strengths, and prepare you to discuss why
you are the best candidate for the job. Improve your performance and your confidence by
preparing ahead.
Job Search Strategies
What am I going to do when I graduate – how will I find the right job? The time to start
career planning is now. Job seekers maximize their success by using a variety of means
to identify opportunities. We’ll explore networking, recruiters, marketing campaigns,
internet job boards and information meetings - using these approaches confidently can
uncover opportunities in the job market. We’ll also discuss more conventional job search
and research methods that will lead to increased understanding of the labour market and
achievement of your career goals.
Backpack to Briefcase Graduate Workshop
Congratulations – you are a graduate – welcome to your professional life. Join us as we
provide an overview of career strategies specific to graduates to assist you in the
transition from student to business professional. We’ll cover the key components of
career management; Self Assessment, Writing Dynamic Resumes & Cover Letters,
Strategies for Identifying Opportunities, Interviewing Techniques, Compensation
Negotiations and the First 90 Days on the Job.
International Student Career Success Workshop
Business expectations and norms are different throughout the world. We can help by
discussing Canadian business culture and exploring ways to increase career success by
identifying employment and volunteer opportunities. We will focus on career planning,
self assessment and developing effective marketing materials – resumes and cover letters.
Business etiquette, communication and dress will be covered in addition to interviewing
techniques commonly used by employers. We will also cover employment legislation,
taxation and work permit requirements.