Available Workshop Topics


Available Workshop Topics

Each academic semester Career Services offers a series of programs to assist students with various career planning issues from career decision-making to effective job search strategies and skill development. The following descriptions will help you decide which workshops may be helpful to you in your career planning and job search efforts.

Career Services Orientation

Receive an overview of our services and programs and how best to utilize them.

Career Planning/Decision Making

Understand the process of career exploration, resources available, and the decision-making process. An overview of Career Services will also be presented.

Career Options in . . .

Discuss various career options available to students in specific majors or with certain career interests.

Starting Early to Plan for Career Marketability

Designed for first- and second- year students, this program addresses what can be done during the four years spent in college to enhance your marketability.

Internship & Summer Job Search

Learn about the resources available in your college or department, at Career Services, or through your own research and how to best utilize them. The basics of the job search will be covered.

Applying to Graduate & Professional Schools

Graduate school is an option for many students. This program can help you learn about identifying and selecting schools, handling the application process, presenting yourself well in essays, and understanding the various admissions tests.

Career Issues for Women

Covers issues and concerns faced by women in today's workforce, including handling illegal questions, dual career families, the "glass ceiling," and more.

Career Issues for Minorities

Issues like mentoring, handling illegal questions, and combating racism are among the ideas discussed in this session appropriate for all ethnic groups.

Job Search

Developing a strategy to make contact with employers for jobs is key to finding the job you seek. This session covers various techniques for reaching employers, their advantages and disadvantages, and hints to help you get noticed.

Making the Most of Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way to come in contact with many different employers in a short amount of time. Learn to present yourself effectively and efficiently to help you get noticed by the employers you meet.

Resume Writing

Learn the basics of composing a winning resume. Presentations cover purpose, content, format, etc. The importance of this marketing tool and its use in the job search will also be discussed.

Cover Letters and Other Correspondence

This program describes the often forgotten job search tools that could greatly impact job search success. Effective marketing and writing techniques will be discussed.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Orientation

The system used by Career Services in generating on-campus interviews with company representatives is discussed. An overview of the procedures and how best to work within the system is presented.


Interviewing is often the deciding factor in the search for a job - for both you and the employer. Learn how to best prepare, present yourself, and answer typical questions.

Telephone Interviewing

Telephone interviews become more common as companies face budgetary cutbacks. Learn about the format and skills required to conduct a successful interview over the phone.

The On-Site Interview - What to Expect

Learn about the format, employer expectations, how to best present yourself in this crucial interview, travel arrangements, itinerary, and post interview follow up.

Making the Most of Your International Experience

How to best market your experience studying and/or working abroad to employers in the U.S. and abroad.

Finding a Job Abroad

Addresses strategies for an international job search as well as myths and realities involved in this search.

Job Search for International Students

International students face special considerations and restrictions.

This program addresses job search strategies, work permit issues, and interviewing skills.

Making the Transition from School to Work

How to successfully negotiate the changes that occur as you enter the workforce including adjusting to expectations of bosses, professionalism, and career ladders.

Group Career Assessments

Groups and classes may schedule an orientation for participants to take an assessment and then follow up with a group review of the assessment results.

What Employers Want

Learn what employers are saying they are looking for in new hires and how to take advantage of the many opportunities here at Penn

State to make the most of your college experience.

If you have any questions, please contact Career Services at careerworkshops@sa.psu.edu

or 814-865-5131.