MOONBIRD By Phillip Hoose Literature Circle By: Marina Simmons

MOONBIRD: A Year On The Wind The Great Survivor B95
By Phillip Hoose
Literature Circle By: Marina Simmons
Extinction is forever
Chapter Eight
Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction
Late Devonian mass extinction
Permian mass extinction
Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction
Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction
1. 2/3 of all species disappear quickly in mass extinctions. Describe what happened in the five
that have occurred on Earth thus far.
2. The last mass extinction was created by a catastrophic event. Make a list of catastrophic
events that could occur on Earth.
3. On page 109 the author, Phillip Hoose, gives a list of reasons why the Rufa Red Knot will go
extinct. What are all of the reasons caused from and explain how?
4. Letter writing, passing laws, and educating the public are all ways to prevent the extinction.
Is there another way you can think of to do for our feathered friends?
5. Speculate if B95 is alive today.
What management skills did Mike need to organize Friends of Rufa Red Knots?