1D N B9) Species at Risk (Blank)

B9) Species At Risk
Read pp 83-85 and complete the note below. Then complete the questions that follow.
Biodiversity Under Attack
Many species on Earth are becoming ________________, which means that the
species no longer exists anywhere on the planet.
One of the main reasons for extinctions is habitat loss caused by:
1) ________________________
2) ____________________________
3) ________________________
4) ____________________________
Extinction is also a ________________ process, with at least _____________
major extinction events occurring over the past billion years. These are caused by
catastrophic events such as ______________________ and _________________.
However, between these mass events, extinctions rates have normally been quite
Humans, on the other hand, have drastically _______________ the rate of
extinction, including _______ species of mammals and birds shortly after humans
reached North America ____________ years ago. These species included
___________, ______________, _______________, and _________________. In
Canada alone, ___________ species of vertebrates (animals with backbones) have
become extinct in the past __________ years, and the rate of ___________caused extinction is increasing.
Species at Risk
Even when species do not become extinct there can be ecological _____________
if a population gets so low that it cannot fill its ecological ___________. The
status of species in Canada is monitored by COSEWIC, which stands for the
Complete the table on the back of this sheet which describes the classification of
species at risk in Canada.
When species are placed in the _________________ or __________________
category, another organization called RENEW, develops a recovery plan. As of
2008, _______ plants and animals have been classified at risk, and _______ action
plans have been developed.
List the specific threats to biodiversity in sections 3.4 – 3.7 (i.e. the titles of each section).
_________________________________ ________________________________
_________________________________ ________________________________
Your classmates will be presenting some of these topics next week.
B9) Species At Risk
Classification of species at risk in Canada (2008). (Complete the table using p 85)
# of
Answer p 86: 1-3, 5, 7, 8