Forest temple. l .Mandel Olivia

Olivia .Mandell
Place a photo of the habitat
you are researching here.
Forest temple.
Weather in your Habitat
A forest is a place with
lot’s of trees and
animals. The forest has 3
main plants. Many forest
animals are good climbers.
Forest can be divided 2
Types of Animals in your Habitat
There are bobcats, tazmanin
devils, foxes, owls & koalas.
Types of Plants in your Habitat
there are trees and bushes
and bluebonnets.
Where Can You Find your Habitat
It is located In amercia,
china. And found in
national park
Interesting Facts
How tall the trees get. How
big the snakes get because
they can get up to 30 feet
long. And weigh 90 pounds.