Welcome to 2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade
2nd Grade Team
Pilar Balabuch
Kristal Basham
Kaity Dennis
Mindi Keese
Brian Klauer
Veronica Montes
Jenny Howell
Bilingual Para
Kim Solley
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➔Select a school- Pecan Creek
➔Academics- 2nd grade
Students need to have supplies
(markers, crayons) at home for
completing certain assignments.
Homework will be assigned
Monday through Thursday.
Please keep all newsletters stapled to the
agendas. Please sign the yellow box each
evening. Reading materials will come home every
Monday through Thursday. The papers in the
packet are resources for questioning your child
about what they’ve read. The questions are also
what we use to assign reading responses.
The morning bell now rings at 7:40am.
The front doors, cafeteria doors, and
4th/5th hallway doors are open at 7:20
and all students must wait in the gym or
cafeteria until 7:40.
Please have all children at
school by 7:50 to avoid
distractions and to allow your
child to not get behind on
morning work.
Second grade has a late lunch this
year. Please be sure your child eats
a well balanced breakfast, with plenty
of protein, before arriving at 7:50 in
our classrooms.
If your child is absent, please call us the
morning of the absence and leave us a
message or email us. We worry when the
children are not in our classroom. You
must also send a note within 72 hours
(signed and dated) for our files in the
We do a lot of work in our journals
everyday (math, science, social
studies, reading and writing). We won’t
send these home until the end of the
Library books
We will go to the Library during
our Specials rotations. The
students will be taught how to
find “just right” books.
Children are welcome to bring a healthy snack
to school each day. Please send items that are
not distracting, easy to grab and eat while
working, and easy to clean up. Items could
include goldfish, pretzels, crackers, cheese
sticks, fresh fruit, etc. Snacks must not require
Spelling is out, word study is in
Help your child each week with
brainstorming their word study words in
their spirals. We will not be giving
Spelling Tests, but rather assess how
they are using those words in their writing
Addition and Subtraction
Depending on the skills, some students
may need extra practice at home with
flash cards. I will send home extra
activities and games as needed.
Lunch and Breakfast Prices
•Adult breakfasts have gone up to $2.00
•Students have stayed at $1.10
•Adult lunches -- $3.50
•Student lunches—$2.75
•The bistro box is the same price as the hot meal. Free and
reduced students are able to have them also.
•Water bottles are now $1.00
•Ice Cream for Second Grade is on Thursdays $0.50
Lunch Guests
If you come to eat lunch with your child, you are
welcome to sit in the designated area outside
the cafeteria with your child. Please don’t invite
other children to join you.
Thank you!
Time for Kids
Second graders are getting the opportunity to participate in “Time for Kids”.
Time for Kids is a magazine filled with informational text that integrates current
topics, math, social studies, science, and literacy. For $5.00 your child will
receive a weekly magazine that follows right along with our curriculum. We will
use these non-fiction magazines each week to learn more about our world and
current events. Please send $5.00 (cash) to your child’s teacher by Tuesday,
September 1st. We would like to get these ordered asap. If you can’t send the
payment at this time, please send your teacher a note and we will take care of
that for you. Not a problem at all!
NEW: Progress Reports
Progress reports will go home 3 weeks into the grading
period with students who:
1) have a 1 on any area of the report card,
2) have a 2 on any area of the report card for two
consecutive grading periods
3) are not meeting the independent reading level as
indicated on the report card.