Lab 3071 What is Aquaculture? By Rick Sokol

Lab 3071
What is Aquaculture?
By Rick Sokol
Upon completing this lab students will have a heightened awareness of aquaculture and
how it is utilized in their daily lives.
Teacher Preparation with Materials Needed
Teacher will need to collect aquaculture items prior to the day of lab and place them in a
bag. One aquaculture item is needed per pair of students (approximately 10-15 items).
Here is a list of possible items:
 Pearl earrings
 Cod liver oil supplements
 Can of tuna
 Frozen fish sticks (processed)
 Fresh whole trout
 Seaweed wraps
 Cosmetics with fish oil
 Mussels/oysters
 Can of water chestnuts
 Crab/lobster
 Smoked white fish
 Live goldfish
Introduction to Activity
Before starting this lab, conduct a brief open discussion with the class having them
brainstorm for ideas of different aquaculture products that they could find in today’s
stores. If the students are not on the right path or are having difficulty with ideas, please
interject. Having this introduction will help to ensure that all students are on the same
Have students pair up and select one of the aquaculture items out of the bag. At this
point each pair of students needs to return to their desks with their item and answer three
generic questions that the teacher has pre-developed. These questions can be the name of
the item, how is it processed, and what is the origin, etc. In addition, have each pair of
students create two questions that relate back to their item for which they will ask the
class at the end of their presentation. After completing the questions and developing their
two questions, the pair will present their item to the rest of the class and then conclude
with their two questions.