“A Revolution in Geology” Name: _________________ Period: ____________

“A Revolution in Geology”
Name: _________________
Period: ____________
1. What is the “heart” of the new Geology?
2. What do catastrophists believe?
3. What do uniformitarians believe?
4. What two parts of uniformitarian geology are true?
5. What is not true from uniformitarian geology?
6. Who first published a scientific paper about continental drift?
7. What were his theories based on?
8. What was the biggest objection geologists had with the theory?
9. What type of evidence brought new life to the theory?
10. What makes a scientific theory a good one?
Inside the Earth
1. Draw a cross-section through the center of the Earth (it will look some what like
a target) and label each of the layers. Make sure your drawing is to scale!
2. Fill in the table below. Use you article and textbook.
(Note: For relative density use the scale 1 – 5, with 5 being most dense)
Layer: type of
core or sphere
Relative Density
Solid, liquid, or gas