Implicit Theories of Leadership

Implicit Theories of Leadership
Individual reflection
• On your own, think about leaders in general.
– What characteristics do they have?
– What do they do (and what don’t they do)?
Group discussion, Group Drawing & Group
1. What did you find in each other’s drawings ?
2. Which points do you agree/disagree on?
3. What are other factors that impact on leaders’
4. How, if at all, are your views about leaders rooted
in culture?
5. What are possible reasons for agreements or
6. In the group, make a drawing of your “leader”
and present answers to above questions to class
Class Discussion
– What are similarities and differences between the
– What stands out for you?
– How effective would the leader of one group be in the
context of another group?
– What is the role of followers in these drawings?