Mr. Wegley’s Science Classroom

Mr. Wegley’s Science Classroom
The start of a new school year is so exciting and I am very much looking forward
to this one. We will have a great time learning and becoming closer over the next nine
Here is a brief overview of our year, policies, and procedures that we will use in
the classroom and how they work.
1. Respect other people and their property.
2. Be on time and prepared for class with all necessary materials (notebook, log
book, writing utensil).
3. Actively listen to others.
4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
5. Obey all other school rules.
Not following safety rules will result in losing lab privileges.
Three tardies = Lunch Detention
Three missing homework assignments = Detention and phone call home
Consistent misbehavior in classroom = Wednesday school
An email home
A phone call home
This is NOT a choice! You must do your homework to be successful in science.
Follow ALL rules
Turn assignments in ON TIME and COMPLETED
Follow ALL verbal and written directions
Ask questions when you do not understand something
Write your homework down in your log book as soon as you get into class
Be responsible for your actions
Have a positive attitude
Try your hardest
Have fun!!! ☺
If you are absent you have as many days as you were gone to make up your work. It is
your responsibility to see me and collect the work you missed. If you miss a lab or inclass activity it will be your responsibility to come and schedule a time with me to make
this up. (Study hall, lunch, before or after school (but I coach) are all options.)
You are responsible for filling in your log book each day. The assignments will
ALWAYS be on the board and you will need to write the assignment in your book as
soon as you are seated.
Students will be receiving their own science textbook/workbook. Students will be
leaving their textbook/workbook in our science classroom. We will be removing the
pages from the book after we have read and the students will place this in their folder to
take home with them.
Our science book can also be accessed online from Students will be
receiving a username and password to log-in to their ThinkCentral account.
Students will be expected to have a spiral notebook 70 - 100 pages which we will
begin to put together during the first weeks of school and a folder with prongs.
Students will also need to have a log book and writing utensils. There will be times
throughout the year that additional supplies will be necessary for projects. I will give
enough notice to allow time to obtain any supplies needed. If you are unable to
purchase items, please see me before the project is due and I will help you gather the
materials you need.
Here is a list of the major topics we will be learning about:
Laboratory safety
Cells – organelles, mitosis, organization of living things, osmosis, and diffusion
Living systems – symmetry and types of tissues
Matter – atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures
Energy – potential, kinetic, sound, thermal, and electrical
Motion – force and average speed
Minerals – luster, streak, hardness, magnetism, etc.
Rocks – igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary
Soil – composition, permeability, and porosity
Grades are determined by dividing the points earned for projects, homework, tests, etc.
by the total possible points.
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***Please contact me if you have any concerns.