Writing Informal Lab Reports

Writing Informal Lab Reports
These reports need to be turned in to your lab folder on the posted
due dates and when returned, they need to be put in your
Your Name
Partner Name(s)
Lab Station Number
1. Beginning Ideas – What is the Question(s)?
Write in the form
of a question that specifically describes what you were investigating.
2. Tests – What did you do? Describe the procedures you used –
not step by step, but summarize in your own words.
3. Observations – What did you see? Record all observations
(qualitative data) and all measurements (quantitative).
4. Claims – What can you claim? This is an “answer” but you
MUST be able to back it up with the results of your experiment
5. Evidence – How do you know? Explain why you made the claim
and what evidence allows you to make this claim.
6. Reading – How do your results compare with other results?
You may compare to another group in the class, but you must also
compare your results with the literature.
Literature can come from textbook, reliable websites, notes in class,
etc. – be sure to cite
your information
7. Reflection – How have your ideas changed? This should be a
paragraph about
what you have learned – also discuss whether your lab results
supported your thinking or if you have changed your thoughts.
8. Writing – What is the best explanation for what you have
This is a summary statement.