History Movie List

History Movie List
Elizabeth-Elizabethan Age
The Patriot-American Revolution
Glory-Civil War
Dances with Wolves-Native American Life
Schindler’s List-Holocaust/WWII
Saving Private Ryan- WWII
U571-Submarine warfare/WWII
Band of Brothers HBO Miniseries- WWII
13 Days-Cuban Missile Crisis
October Sky-1950’s/NASA
Defiance- WWII/Holocaust
Right Stuff- Space Race
Mississippi Burning-Civil Rights
Remember the Titans-Integration
We Were Soldiers-Vietnam
All the President’s Men-Watergate
The Killing Fields-Cambodian Genocide
Hunt for Red October-Cold War
Black Hawk Down-Somalia
Last Samurai- Japanese Modernization
Miracle-1980 US Olympic Hockey Team
Seargent York (1941)- WWI/true story
Hotel Rwanda- Rwandan Genocide
Apollo 13-US Space Exploration
Flags of Our Fathers- WWII
Letters From Iwo Jima-WWII
Good Night and Good Luck-McCarthy era
Roots Miniseries- Slavery
Cinderella Man-Great Depression
Downfall- Hitler’s Last Days
John Adams HBO miniseries- American Founding
God Grew Tired of Us- Sudanese Lost Boys
To Kill A Mockingbird- pre civil rights South
War and Remembrance Miniseries-WWII
Gandhi- Indian Colonialism
Tora Tora Tora- Pearl Harbor
Iron Jawed Angels- Female Suffrage
The Longest Day- D-Day
Midway- Pacific War WWII
Ghosts Of Mississippi- Civil Rights
United 93- 9/11
Enemy at the Gates-Battle of Stalingrad
Forrest Gump- 1950’s-1980’s
Wall Street- 1980’s Greed
Charlie Wilson’s War- Cold War/Afghanistan
The Pacific HBO Miniseries-WWII
The Kite Runner- Taliban/Afghanistan
The Last of the Mohicans- French/Indian War Sometimes in April- Rwandan Genocide
Zulu- Colonialism
Inherit the Wind- Scopes Monkey Trial
The Help- South/Racism
America: The Story of US- History Channel