Discussion Questions Agricultural Origins in the Ancient World (Reading 13) Reading 13

Discussion Questions
Reading 13
Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes, 2ndedition
SOCI1250 – Introduction to Anthropology
Gary Toth - Instructor
Agricultural Origins in the Ancient World (Reading 13)
Melinda A. Zeder
1) Do you think that human life is better off because of the agricultural revolution?
Why or why not?
2) How can physical evidence from bones and seeds be used to reconstruct the
way of life of an ancient society?
3) Do you think that the case study and evidence presented in this article
effectively resolve the debate about the value of the Neolithic Revolution? Use
evidence from the article to support your opinion.
4) What do the terms “pastoral” and “agricultural” signify in a society? By using
them, what generalizations about these societies are we calling to mind?