Disaster Files

Disaster Files
During the 3rd Quarter of this class we will be focusing on the forces which both shape and
destroy the surface of our planet. In order for you to understand the strength and magnitude of
these forces you and a partner will be assigned one of these disasters. You must create a
twofold presentation to describe the events. 1st you will create a detailed file describe the
statistics and features of the event. You will describe the conditions (geologic, atmospheric,
hydrologic and biologic) before the event and after. You must describe the causes and nature of
the event (type of eruption or seismic activity) you must describe any secondary events or
disasters caused by your event. You must provide the magnitude of your event (Richter or VEI).
You must include statistical information about geologic aspects of the event (amount of
material ejected, ground displacement etc...) as well injury/death/damage totals. Your file
must also include visual evidence (photos/woodcuts/engravings/academic reenactments) of
the event and/or effected area. The 2nd portion of the event must be live –action recreation of
an individual living through said event. Create a short 2-5 min presentation involving footage
either found or recorded in the disaster area. You footage must include most of the information
detailed in your file. Be creative; effort will be rewarded.
Your assigned disaster is__________________________________________________________
DUE DATE __________