Checklist for Emergency Disasters - HP

Checklist for Emergency Disasters
In the event of emergencies such as storms, hurricanes, floods etc. in your area or nearby
cities, please take all precautions to set your PMS system up correctly from a revenue
standpoint and to reach out to the organizations that are assisting the public in these type
disasters in order to secure rooms.
Please continue to watch or listen to news broadcasts and the weather channels to
get continual updates so that you can act accordingly.
System checks
-Close out all system discounts for the appropriate date ranges based on predictions of
-Consider closing out all Rate Codes for LNRs depending upon the day(s) of week and
potential repercussions. Pay special consideration
to LNRs with LRA terms.
-Take into consideration all contract business terms and conditions.
-Do not raise rates higher than your published rates to avoid rate disparity brand issue.
When changing your BAR during anticipated high demand times, make sure to coach
Front Desk on how to handle any frustrated guests especially repeat clients. Make
exceptions as necessary.
Shop competition routinely to see how our rates compare during the time periods of the
Emergency related agencies to contact regarding room availability an dates –
Disaster and Emergency Management Services
Local Power and Gas Companies
Red Cross
Salvation Army
National Guard
State Homeland Security
Local Government Offices (i.e. Mayor’s office for any needs or suggestions for other
Cable company (communications is key /a must during disaster)
Phone Company
Local Hospitals and Emergency Services
Hospice (will be aware of elderly/assisted living that needs help)
Major area insurance companies
Largest news and radio stations
Police and Fire Stations
Highway Patrol
Department of Transportation