Human Sexuality & Love
Spring 2011/Ms. Bergin
Please define in your own words what the following terms mean to you:
2. a) Using the list of general topics printed on the course description sheet, please rank the topics by listing
them in order of personal interest/importance to you (1st = most important).
b) Are there any topics you think should be included but are not? Any questions you would like to personally
have answered or hear discussion of during the course? Please mention them here.
3. Please share a brief reaction to the “walk across the room” activity.
Please take a few moments to consider and share your thoughts on the following:
(Write neatly, please!)
Why did you choose to take Human Sexuality & Love for one of your Religion elective courses this year?
What are your expectations for this course?
What do you hope to get out of it? What are you willing to give?
3. a) My family’s religious background is:__________________________________
b) How would you rate yourself in terms of how important your religious faith is to you?
1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9---10 Why?___________________________
a) When it comes to class participation, I generally… ______________________________
b) When someone says something I agree with, I typically… ____________________________
c) When someone says something I disagree with, I typically…__________________________
a) I would say that __________________________ has had the GREATEST influence on my values regarding
sex, sexuality and love so far because….
6. From my perspective, the biggest issue/s in relationships at our age is/are:
If I were to write a book about the love lives of my group friends, a good title for it might be:
If there is anything else you’d like me to know in order to help you get the most out of this class,
(e.g., family/relationship history, any current or recent events going on in your life), feel free to let me know here or
speak to me about it. Naturally, anything here will be kept confidential.)
Thank you for these insights into YOU!