Sexuality and Gender Laboratory Volunteer Information Sheet

Sexuality and Gender Laboratory
Volunteer Information Sheet
Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we can only take a small number of students into the lab as
volunteers. To help determine whether your background, interests, and schedule fits with the positions
we have available, please answer the following questions and return a paper copy, along with a copy
of your current CV and a Solus print-out of your current transcript to Humphrey 353 as soon as
possible. If nobody is in the office, please slip it under the door. (You may answer the questions using
your word processing program).
Name: _____________________________________ Phone:___________________
Email: _______________________________________
Major and Year:___________________________________
1. What interests you about research on sexuality and gender?
2. What skills can you bring to a laboratory setting?
3. Do you have any previous research experience? If yes, please describe the project, including
your supervisor's name.
4. What semester(s) would you be available for working on this research?
5. How many hours a week can you commit to being in the lab (minimum is 5)?