Mr. Velazquez Religion 10

Mr. Velazquez
Religion 10
This course is concerned with how we, as persons, relate to others. As a Catholic Christians, we will look
to the person of Jesus as the model for relating to others and to God. By studying the New Testament, we
will examine how Jesus calls all people to wholeness, to community, and to Christian values in the creation
of the Kingdom of God, here and now. We will explore the cultural messages we receive about how we
should live our lives and measure those messages in the light of Jesus’ proclamation of the “Kingdom of
4th Quarter –
Students will be challenged to:
Define Sexuality
Review of Physiology
Cultural messages about Sexuality
Christian Sexuality
Sexual Decision Making
Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
In preparation and support for this, students will:
Analyze and interpret the Three Psychological Persons.
Analyze how society depicts the roles of male and females.
Analyze how marriage, commitment, and fidelity are presented.
Analyze the risks and consequences of sexual activity.