Gospel of Mark Suffering Sevant

Gospel of Mark
Suffering Sevant
Portrait of Christ
Suffering Servant
**humanity and suffering of Jesus
--through Jesus’ actions we learn how we are to live
Messianic Secret: when those who recofnize that Jesus is Messiah he silents them
Paschal mystery→ paradox that Jesus must suffer and die to save us from our sins
and he will be raised in glory
Our call to Conversion
Wealth and possesssions can be distractions→ selfishness
People are blinded and confused by their own personal ambition
→ may not hear the message of Christ (selfless and charity)
People to look for...
Prophet Isaiah (Suffering Servant...who does this remind us of?)
John the Baptist→ the voice in the desert, pave the way of the faithful
Mary Mother of Jesus
Mary Madgalene
Peter, John, James (Transfiguration)
Pontius Pilate
What we learn
The importance of prayer and faith
Faith allows us to overcome fear
(Agony in the Garden)
We have to embrace our cross
We find hope and strength knowing that Christ too suffered→ sufferedc for us