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Apostle - The twelve companions chosen by Jesus.
Ascension -Jesus going up to heaven after the Resurrection.
Assumption - The raising of Mary’s body to heaven
Christ- The name that means “the anointed one
Disciple- A follower of Christ.
Evangelist - The authors of the Gospels.
Gospel - The Good News
Incarnation- Church dogma that the Son of God assumed human nature.
Miracle- A sign of the presence and power of God
Parable - A brief, succinct story that illustrates a moral or religious lesson
Passion - The suffering and death of Jesus.
Pentecost- Event where the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples.
Paschal Mystery - The suffering, death, Resurrection, and Glorification of Jesus Christ.
Resurrection - The passage of Jesus from death to life.
Triduum - The three days during which the Church celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.