Israel and Ancient Egypt

Israel and Ancient Egypt
Complete Vocabulary that was assigned in class last week for lessons 3 & 4 of Chapter2.
Chapter 2
Lesson 3
Who was Abraham? What was the promise that he had with god?
What does it mean to be monotheistic? Why is Judaism significant in relation to monotheism?
What is the Torah?
Who was Moses and what did he do?
How long did they walk in the desert? How is this related to the Ten Commandments?
What is the Sabbath?
Lesson 4
What geographic features make Egypt so desirable?
What three periods are the Ancient Egyptians broken into?
How did the Egyptians use the Nile?
Who did they trade with?
What are their natural resources?
Whom were they able to travel and trade with?
What types of jobs to commoners have?
How does the geography relate to their religion?
Who were three of their most powerful gods?
How are the religion and government linked?
How do they honor their gods and goddesses?
Who were their pharaohs? Who was the first female pharaoh? Who were their advisors?
Why did they mummify their dead? What was the process like?
What was the afterlife like?
What were the pyramids built for?
How do we believe they were built?
What did they originally look like?
What was their form of writing?
How did the Rosetta Stone help us to decipher their writing?
What was their writing like?
Why is papyrus a significant innovation? How did they write on it?