Byzantine Empire Review Sheet How long did the Byzantine Empire last?

Byzantine Empire Review Sheet
Chapter 9 – Be sure to know all vocabulary in sections 1,2 and 3.
How long did the Byzantine Empire last?
What was the center of the Byzantine Empire?
What was this empire an extension of?
What were they initially focused on?
How did they take what they learned from previous empires and apply it to what they would create in
this new territory?
What made this area so desirable to the Byzantines? What did the location help them to do?
What cultures were brought into the creation of their cities?
What were they interested in during the early formation?
What type of government did they have?
What military strategies did they use?
Who were Justinian and Theodora? How were they different from leaders before?
What great works does he create for the people?
What is the Hippodrome? What events or entertainment would happen here? What would Justinian
eventually do here?
How does his building plan eventually hurt the empire?
During its largest point, which territories were part of the Byzantine Empire?
What did Justinian see himself as?
What role did Theodora play? Why is she sometimes thought of as the first to stand up for women’s
What code of laws did he create? What was it modeled after?
What religion was practiced here? What did Justinian do with Christianity?
What are some differences between the Western and Eastern Churches? What would each eventually
be called?
What types of public works could be found in Constantinople?
What was the center of the Russian Byzantines? (txt)
How did the Byzantines spread from the Black Sea, north to Russia? (txt)
Who was Ivan the Great? Why was he called this? (txt)
Who was Ivan the Terrible? Why was he called this? (txt)
Why do the Jews have a hard to finding a home in Europe? Where do they eventually find a home? (txt)
Where does the word Russia come from? (txt).