Global I Chapter 7A Key Terms

Global I
Chapter 7A Key Terms
Origins of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, Strategic location
Autocrat, Patriarch, Justinian, Theodora
Justinian’s Code, Haga Sophia,
Icon, Schism, Differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Church
Collapse of the Byzantine Empire
Causes of the Dark Ages
The Magyars, the Vikings, the Franks, Clovis, Battle of Tours
Charlemagne (his accomplishments, his relationship with the Church), Holy Roman Empire
Alcuin, missi dominici, palace school, Treaty of Verdun
Feudalism, fief, vassals, knights, chivalry, serfs, manor
High Middle Ages, 3-field system,. Bourgeoisie, guilds, Hanseatic League
Reasons for the Crusades, Saladin, Results of the Crusades, Reconquista,