World History Benchmark 1 Review

World History Benchmark 1 Review
1. How did the Neolithic Revolution effect how people obtained their food?
2. In what ways are government and religion examples of complex institutions?
3. Why are cities important?
4. List three physical features of Mesopotamia.
5. What form of writing was used by the Sumerians?
6. List the importance of Hammurabi’s Code.
7. In what city was the Assyrians library?
8. Define the covenant the Jews have with God.
9. The Persian Empire was based on _____________.
10. What did Zoroaster teach?
11. Pharaohs had the leadership positions of _____________ and ____________.
12. The caste system in Hinduism came from what group?
13. What was the ultimate goal set by Siddhartha Gautama?
14. List the 5 relationships of Confucius’ philosophy?
15. Zhou used _____________ to control their territory.
16. Sparta was known for its ____________, while Athens was known for _________
17. What did Rome gain after winning the Punic Wars?
18. Who used the Vedas?
19. Cuneiform is to Sumer as __________________ is to Egypt.
20. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle lived during the ______________ Age.
21. List three causes of the fall of the Roman Empire.
22. List three benefits of the Nile River.
23. What was the most important part of Justinian’s Code?
24. What did Augustus believe about leadership?
25. What civilization was the origin of the English alphabet?
26. What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?
27. The culture of ____________ came from Alexander the Great.
28. Why was Julius Caesar assassinated?
29. What caused the division of Shia and Sunni Muslims?
30. What religion is linked to the Indus River Valley?
31. Define theocracy.
32. What was the Edict of Milan?
33. What did the collapse of the Pax Mongolica bring?