New Devices Mrs. Gamble Room : R-13

“It’s better to know how to learn than to know.” - Dr. Seuss
Mrs. Gamble
Room : R-13
Periods : 2nd , 3rd , 4th
Phone: (480) 472-3104
In geometry we will explore
the world around us using
algebra and a variety of
Extra Help!
Outside of class I’m available
most days before school,
during B lunch, and after
school on Thursdays.
New Devices
Our class has been provided with a class set of
student laptops for us to use in class. As the year
progresses we will use these devices more
frequently in the classroom. This means some
assignments, notes and quizzes will be all
online; a fun change!
New Book
We will be following the Big Ideas material this
year. This book is accessed online along with a
plethora of additional resources like practice
tests and worksheets, video tutorials and online
tutors. There is a link from my school website.
Students will be responsible for a notebook each
semester. This notebook is where we will take
the majority of our notes and where students will
complete their homework assignments.
Cell phones out of sight!!!
 2 spiral notebooks (70pages)
for each semester
 Glue stick or tape
 Headphones
Homework will be assigned almost daily and is
expected to be completed by the next day. We
will go over homework the following day in
class so I encourage every student to at least
attempt every problem.
Extra Credit for Supplies:
 Dry eraser markers
 Glue sticks
 Kleenex
Late work is worth 80% until the unit test and
then worth 60%. Extra credit points are
rewarded if all homework for a unit are turned in
on time.
Retakes are possible and encouraged for all quizzes
Retakes of tests require more steps:
1. All homework must be turned
2. Test corrections must be done
3. Test needs a parent signature
Students have 2 weeks to retake any quiz or test.
Grades will be determined using 20% for assignments, 80% for
quizzes and tests.
Progress reports will be sent home bi-weekly, 10 extra credit
points will be given if signed by parent.
Semester grade will be calculated using 80% of the current
grade and 20% for the semester final
The grade portal will be updated on a weekly basis