International Journal on Disability and Human Development TABLE OF CONTENTS

International Journal on Disability and Human Development
Volume 7(1) January - March 2008
Human development through interactive environments
Tony Brooks, Andree Woodcock and Joav Merrick (page 1-2)
Evaluation of autism as a function of the occipito-temporal regions of the brain
Ebere C Anyanwu (3-8)
Devlopmental and environmental factors in autism
Ebere C Anyanwu (9-12)
Autistic disorders: Is the use of pharmacotherapy necessary in every case?
Ebere C Anyanwu (13-17)
Music composition for the multi-disabled: A systems perspective
Barry Eaglestone and Panagiotis D Bamidis (19-24)
Yoga as treatment for chronic pain conditions: A review of the literature
Subhadra Evans, Saskia Subramanian and Beth Sternlieb (25-32)
Correlation of cardiac marker values in acute coronary syndrome with coronay disease severity and
invasive examination
Snezana Ciric Zdravkoviv, Milan Pavlovic and Svetlana Petovic Nagorni (33-37)
Profiles used in teaching and research for developing mulitimedia games for pupils with autism spectrum
Elizabth Stokes (39-47)
Effectiveness of virtual reality for teaching street-crossing skills to children and adolescents with autism
Naomi Josman, Hadass Milika Ben-Chaim, Shula Friedrich and Patrice L (Tamar) Weiss (49-56)
Intellectual disability and psychopathology: Influence of institutionalization and level of intellectual
disability and relationship between psychopathological problems and social and functional abilities.
Laura Nota, Salvatore Soresi and Lea Ferrari (57-68)
Cancer incidence among persons Prader Willi syndrome in Finland
Kristiina Patja, Reijo Sund, Markus Kaski and Eero Pukkala (69-72)
Perception of postural limits and falls in community-dwelling elderly people
Yohei Okada, Katsuhiko Takatori, Koki Ikuno, Kayo Tsuruta, Kentaro Tokuhisa, Koji Nagino and Koji
Shomoto ((73-80)
Childhood fall: Epidemiological findings from a population based survey in Bangladesh
Salim Mahmud Chowdhury, Aminur Rahman, Saidur Rahman Mashreky, Sheikh Giashuddin, Leif
Svanström, Lars-Gunnar Hörte, Michael Linnan, Sumona Shafinaz, Iyorlumun J Uhaa and AKM Fazlur
Rahman (81-87)
Children, videogames and physical activity: An exploratory study
Julian McDougall and Michael J Duncan ((89-94)
Investigating the use of force feedback joysticks for low cost robot-mediated therapy
Heidi Sugarman, Ehud Dayan, Arnon Lauden, Aviva Weisel-Eichler and Joseph Tiran (95-100)
Survival and mobility in open spina bifida: Comparison of results from the United States and the United
Pippa Oakeshott ,Gillian M Hunt, Sally Kerry, David Strauss, Robert Shavelle and Robert Reynolds (101106)
Deep vein thrombosis and the athlete: A case study
Yonatan Kaplan (107-109)
Sarcoidosis of the breast and lung: A case report
Tatjana Pejcic, Ivana Stankovic, Jelica Videnovic, Dragana Jovanovic, Milan Rancic, Maja Milentijevic and
Slavica Golubovic (111-114)